Custom Designs and Products

We can emboss custom designs for our existing products or design an entirely new leather product for you. In addition to all of the current products listed on the Products page, we've previously made the following items for customers:

  • Telephone and address books
  • Business cards
  • Portfolios
  • Leather wrist bands
  • Wedding memory books
  • Restaurant menus
  • Backpacks and wallets
  • Leather jackets
  • Self-published books

If you want us to emboss a custom design for you on a book, journal, or photo album, for example, we charge for the custom dye (embossing block) in addition to the cost of the product. As the size of the dye increases, its cost increases.

In order for us to create a custom dye, you need to e-mail a clear, black and white photo of your custom design to us. The dye will only be as good as the photo. For example, if the photo you send has jagged lines, the dye will also include jagged lines.

If we need to electronically clean up the photo or manipulate it in any way to create a quality dye, we'll tell you this in advance because we must also charge for that service. We won't use your dye for any other buyer's products and we can reuse it for your products for the lifetime of the dye.

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