Leather Information

The types of soft, rich, durable cow and calf leather we use for our hand-made products are described in the table below.

Type of leather Description
Hand-washed leather (a.k.a. rawhide) Rawhide has been used for centuries to make everything from drums and lamp shades to moccasins. Rawhide isn't tanned; it is only de-haired and cured. We use century-old techniques to wash the leather so it becomes very soft and retains its beautiful natural color.
Harness leather (a.k.a. stoned oil cowhide) This leather has a deep richness and aged look because it is treated with oils, waxes, and dyes. It's waterproof and extremely durable.
Tooling leather This leather looks fantastic, is available in a variety of rich colors, and is great for embossing.

For our yoga mat carry bags, we use goat leather, which is even softer than cow leather. Goat leather makes the bags extremely malleable and soft to the touch.

We don't use any camel leather, which is unattractive, tough, hard to find, and difficult to work with.

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