Ordering and Payment

When you're ready to place an order, here's what you need to know:

  • We are extremely honest, reliable, helpful, and professional. If you'd like to contact one of our many buyers to get a reference before you place your order, lakeghatanis@hotmail.com contact us.
    Sorry we are unable to access our old email account kariminternational@hotmail.com
    Please contact us at: lakeghatanis@hotmail.com
  • We require 75% payment up front, in addition to all shipping and handling costs. The outstanding balance is due immediately upon receipt of your shipment.
  • Order early; shipping by sea can take as long as 40 days depending on your location. See Shipping and Packing.
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Place an order We need the order code, color, and number of items you want to order for each of the products you want to order.

Note: If you want a particular type of leather, sari material, paper, binding, etc., include that information also.

lakeghatanis@hotmail.com Order
Inform us of payment In order to receive your payment, we need to know the date you initiated the transfer, the city where the transfer was initiated, and the name of your bank.

You need to know the following details to make a payment to us:

Bank name: Vijaya Bank
Bank branch: City Palace
Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Swift code/routing number: VIJBINBBJPR
Account name: Karim Journal & Handmade Paper
Account number: 701406111000003
Other information:
Overseas Branch, Maker Chamber IV, Mumbai, Phone: (022)-22045264

lakeghatanis@hotmail.com Payment Made
Check order status We need to know your name or company name. lakeghatanis@hotmail.com Order Status
Ask a question If your question is about a particular product, please reference the order code for the product in your e-mail. E-mail Us

* All matters are subject to Udaipur jurisdiction only.